Visitors’ View
  • It is the divine grace that brought me to visit Lokniketan. Try to make your work worship able and continue growing seedling for the upliftment of India that Gandhi Bapu envisaged. 21-12-1964 Maganbhai Desai
  • The teachers and the taught overflow with enthusiasm. The teachers are very sincere in planning and persevering for the training of children, in order to make them useful to society. 23-12-1964 Ravishankar
  • Lokniketan is really a beauty-spot. The atmosphere is especially suitable for rural education. I hope that the people and the State Government will try their best to help this institution, in all possible ways. 20-5-1965
  • Normally, everyday is attracted by the urban life, but only a few devoted and dedicated souls prefer to stay in the villages and achieving oneness with the rural people, attempt to serve the humanity at large, sacrificing all they possess. 2-1-1966 Satyavati Shah Secretary, All India Social and Moral Health Organization
  • Some genuine work with an insight leading towards strengthening the democracy of nation and its progressive reconstruction is being done in this institution. 6-3-1966 Indumati Chimanlal
  • It was very fine to be here for one day and enjoy the quietness of this place.... It is a very useful work of education. 15-3-1966
  • Your work has impressed me. When you purchase the (additional) land, you will be able to build up a good farm as a sample to show to the surroundings. 22-9-1966 Rudy Mumenthaler
  • I was impressed by two things: - the exemplary cleanliness of all localities and - the natural self-discipline of the students and their spontaneous collaboration with their teachers. 4-10-1966 Degallier Co-leader, JMDP, 1012, Lausanne
  • Many times did I read about Lokniketan in our Swiss papers, but I did not imagine that I would see it once myself. May the work which was started here go on flourishing and bring fruit. 21-4-1968 Hans Reutrimanu
  • The pleasing and natural environment in which this institution is working will undoubtedly keep it constantly inspired towards the achievement of its aims and objects. 28-7-1968 Udaybhansinji
  • This institution is in an undoubted, sound position of contributing greatly towards the multi-dimensional character-moulding of its inmates. 7-3-1970 Shantilal Patel' and his Journalist Colleagues
  • My best wishes to Agricultural High School, so beautifully shaded by old trees, and to all the students living here in an atmosphere of complete equality and mutual understanding. 15-10-1970 Ambassador of Switzerland
  • If institutions like Lokniketan can spread out all over India, the welfare work of the nation can succeed beyond imagination. 30-12-1971 Samir Muni
  • We are highly impressed by the behavior of the pupils and also the educational standards of the institution. 6-4-1975 Muni Himmat Vijayji & Muni Vishuddha Vijayji
  • Entering the school center I felt special atmosphere: a cordial welcome, flowers everywhere much laughing, excellent management. I think Lokniketan, Rantanpur is a great success. 8-2-1980 President of Swissaid
  • One of the greatest places I have visited in India. Peace, Strength and Joy. 10-01-1990 Yann Forget
  • In all this, our hopes and aspirations for a "Better World" have been renewed and for this we are most grateful to all.10-1-1990 Ashvin Patel (England)
  • We are from different parts of the World and have the chance to participate in International walk from Ahmedabad to Porbandar organized by friends of all Ahmedabad.
  • I feel great satisfaction in coming to this place. It was my long time wish to come here since first international walk in 1987 visited this wonderful institution. I could see in every act beauty, serenity, nature speaking loud and drumming in my ears whole day and in me evening we were here. I will always look for a chance to visit you again. I could see in every act beauty, serenity.  10-01-1990 Premkumar
  • We are thankful to you for your kind hospitality and welcoming. We wish if we could meet you again. We pray to God for your prosperity and bright future. Many thanks, 10-01-1990 Sijuko Sujuki, Japan
  • Dear friends,

    I recognize always the peaceful places when I pass. Here I recognize a Gandhian peaceful place where people come together and work for building a better world; where Justice, Peace and Love will heal the Earth and the human being. Thank you very much. 10-01-1990 Your Canadian friend

  • I will never forget your welcoming and kindness. You are in my heart. 10-01-1990 Karine, France
  • I am very happy to know about your institution and your welcoming was so great. Thank you. 10-01-1990 Christine
  • Thank you very much for your hospitality. I felt a tremendous air of peacefulness; I spent a beautiful time here. Love, Peace & Happiness 10-01-1990 Paul, England
  • Thank you for your extra-ordinary welcoming. I will never forget this so nice place. 10-01-1990 Cathy
  • Lokniketan is like a torch in the dark backward area of District Banaskantha. Shri Manubhai Pancholi 'Darshak' (Leading Writer)
  • Lokniketan appears as an ideal institute for social institute for social upliftment. I am very glad with the infrastructure which is nicely woven with absolute cleanliness, excellent management and devoted efficient staff members. Sushri Vimalatai Thakar
  • I found the oasis in the desert. Shri Babalbhai Mehta
  • This is, in essence, the service to God. I am very happy and pray almighty for more and more success for it. H. H. Moraribapu
  • I have observed that everybody is working here with love and devotion and environment is also very pleasant. If we can establish such institutes all over India, then we expect bright future of our country. H. H. Tukdoji Maharaj(Religious Leader)
  • I will keep with me an encouraging remembrance of what I have seen. E Sieura Counselor of the Swiss Embassy
  • Hearty congratulation for your achievement. Mr. A. Kinsbergen (Governor of Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Visiting the Lokniketan institution was a blissful experience for me. Shrimannarayanji (Governor of Gujarat state)
  • Now, I fear to come often in this Institute, I do not like to leave it. Shri Gunvant Shah
  • I carry good remembrance of what I have seen and felt here. Mr. Joseph Mcvan (Leading reader)
  • This is one of the best place of Gujarat, which delights one always. I am fascinated by its beauties, natural as well as human. Shri Yashvant Shukla (Social Reformist)
  • Every time, I leave with immense pleasure. Lokniketan is the classic example of an Institute which has everything perfect and also in order. Shri Kulinchandra Yagnik (Vice Chancellor of N. G. University)
  • Lokniketan is one of the best institutes which has contributed in building up glorious Gujarat. Shri Umashankar Joshi(Leading Poet)
  • I fell very pleasant to congratulate the institute and its devoted workers. I learnt a lot from such institutions, their workers and their methodology to do the development activities. Shri Dipchandbhai Gardi (Social Leader)
  • I visualize plentiful future progress of the pupils in the nice work that is being done here as a preliminary to the fulfillment of the aims and objects of the basic education. Bhaskarrao Bhahere
  • Lokniketan seems to a lively institution. It is the responsibility of the workers to keep it progressing day by day. Shivabhai G. Patel
  • It has been as great a matter of astonishment as it has been one of inspiration to witness the blossoming of the desert. D'Souza Principal, St. Xavier's College, Ahmedabad
  • Thank you very much for this peace and hospitality.
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